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Digital photography should be called Pixel Magic.  My interest began as digital cameras became available and I was fascinated by how the camera sees and how much can be done in the digital darkroom.  My first retouching training took place as a volunteer for a group taking charity images of critically ill children.  I remember crying the first time I finished editing away the bandages and tubes and viewed the before and after images.

After many classes and workshops, I find that I still love the digital possibilities and how to use those skills to tell a story, create an artistic image or bring out the best in my subject.  Your family, pet or headshot have meaning, value and personality and I do my best to deliver the best of the moment for you to keep and share.

My training continues as I am now incorporating video into the storytelling process.  My digital paintings elevate the camera shot into a truly  one-of-a-kind image.  My love of photography only grows and I would love to team with you to create a portrait you will value and treasure for years. Artful images of your family are the heart of what your life is about.  LIFE, LAUGHTER, LOVE.

Denise Remfert

Remfert Photography


Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas